After more than 20 years of professional one-to-one work, my conversations with clients are all unique exchanges that trigger new connections and personal insights.

Since 1990 I have researched and practiced many systems of mind and body health – both Eastern and Western, traditional and modern. My integrative approach to counselling (and coaching) welcomes these different approaches and the valuable teachings they contain.

All profound teachings on health and wellbeing share the same fundamental idea – that life presents us with a complex, constantly shifting experience, but we can release suffering and find more happiness, depth or fulfillment by connecting (or reconnecting) to our Self. In other words, by returning to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. My work as an integrative therapist supports an exploration of our human needs, our fundamental nature and potential so that we can identify more skillful ways to meet our challenges, open to possibilities and live with greater connection to ourselves and the world around us. 


We can all learn from the patterns and experiences of the past as we continue to deepen our self awareness in the present.


It is stated within many different teachings that the potential for profound wisdom and healing exists within the body-mind and is therefore available to all of us.


As we work to embrace and develop the intelligence of the mind, the instinct of the body and the intuitive wisdom of the heart we can open ourselves to greater depths of genuine wellbeing. I would be happy to work with you in person at my clinic in Central London or online via Zoom, Skype or Facetime.

Whether it's physical or emotional pain, or I am just at my wit's end, I am astounded at the impact of Spencer's therapy. When I walk out his door, all is well, balanced, grounded, pain-free and I have the most wonderful sleep, and I feel anew. He is amazing!

- Katherine R

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